Friday 26th July Day 253 Wiseman to Fairbanks 462km

We are scratching our legs and arms like crazy, the Mosquitos laid into us last night and the whole day today I just wanted to rip-off the my riding-gear and scratch. But my focus soon changed when it started raining. I said in the blog after the 1st day of riding the Dalton Highway that it would have been a very different story if it had rained, and today it was different and a nightmare as it rained the entire day. And then came the smoke from the forest-fires, and then it started raining heavily and the clouds came down and we had to ride in the mist.

Note the smoke
In the rain your glasses fog-up, your visor on the helmet has raindrops on the outside and the inside, and you cant open your vizor as the raindrops hits your face so hard it stings.
Mud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They were not so luck, probably a Moose
Dog’s bike has no sprocket left, so Pie tightened it as much as he could and we hope we can get a new chain and sprocket in Fairbanks

Once again Pappagaai took revenge, the Pilot-Truck slowed down in the muddiest section of the road-works and when Dog slowed down just a little, he started sliding down the slope and dropped the bike the Mud, chaos, and mud all over the riding-gear.

I am very thankful we are all safe in Fairbanks, over the past 4 days we have ridden on gravel for over 1600km and frankly, I have had enough Adventure riding for a while. I cant wait to ride in sunshine again on a proper tar road.

Yours Truly


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