Day 193 Wednesday 26th of April Houston to Avery Island 491 km

Yesterday late-afternoon we had an early Sondowner on Tex’s Patio, we tried to attract the Alligator that was swimming close to the house with some Biltong (Jerky) but that just got us several Seagulls.

Then we went on a cruise with the boat, we were 17 people as the friendly Texans we met the night before joined us.

Peens even had his own “Titanic Moment”

This is the Restaurant we had made a reservation at, but the space they left us to dock the boat was too small (it is a 50 foot boot,) so we had to go and eat where we could find a space to dock, which unfortunately was a Mexican Restaurant, (as you all know I am “allergic”  to spicy food and specially Frozen Margaritas.

This morning Tex woke me up from my bed (which was on the boat,)

We all had to wait for him to take a photo with his drone, which almost ended in disaster when the wind blew it away, we could hardly even see it anymore, pushing the Home Button to make it return to the house also did not work as the wind was too strong, so he had to first lower it to just above the water and then he could fly it back.


We left just after 7h00 and Dog joined us riding Tex’s old 990 which he used on the previous Legs, as Tex had bought a  KTM 1290, so now we were 7 Bikes and no Back-Up Vehicle, which is something I need to get use to as I cant buy anything for presents to take home to the three Girls in my life as I have no spare space, so if I do buy something I will have to throw something away (I just might be getting new underwear when I get back home.)

Today’s ride started with a fuel-stop at a place called Bucky, just outside Houston, and I have heard that everything in Texas is bigger, from the “trucks” they drive, (we call them Bakkies but these are massive, some have two back wheels on each side,) their steaks are bigger and so the Hamburgers, but nothing prepared me for Buckys, it is like having 56 petrol pumps next to a Makro\Hyperama\Woolworths, that is 56 double pumps, each with 4 different fuels, (Diesel, and then three types of Perol-Regular, Super and Premium,) so that makes 448 Nozzles.)

Here are some photos (we filled up at pump 49 so there are more pumps out of the shot :

Some smokers on sale.

Fishing Tackle

Bait for the fishing



And then there was also the normal things you would expect, like fast-ready food 9too many options to mention, a coffee stand, an entire section for buying your wife a present and even a some ice.

We then headed East, and then I got to see the Texas as I alwayse pictured it, flat as a pancake, lots of oil wells next to the road (they are called Donkeyheads as it looks like the head of the donkey eating grass, moving up and down.

We passed sections with a lot of Refineries and rode next to the Gulf of Mexico where one can see the Oil Drill Platforms in the distance on the sea.

There is plenty of water here as it is so flat and we had two small ferry-crossings, all free of charged.

But then we crossed over the State Line out of Texas and into Louisiana.

We stopped for “lunch” at a vending Machine !!! Note the Gherkin (Dill Cucumber) one can buy from the vending machine, it also has smoked mussels, tuna and doughnuts. All the houses are on stilts to allow for the Hurricane that pass through and then push water up from the sea into the land.

We rode to the Tabasco Sauce factory, but Factory is the wrong word, it is more like a wine farm that uses peppers and chilies instead of grapes, the process is different, but the crushed chilies are mixed with salt and then left in barrels for three years before vinegar is added. The place salt onto of the barrels so that it can still breath but not let any impurities in.

They have a gift shop where I tasted Tabasco Ice Cream and Tabasco Cola. There are also far more Tabasco products here than in RSA.

This is seafood country, because there is just water everywhere the Crawl Fish and Crabs are just scooped out with nets, and this in just next to the road, at other places  we could see proper farming of Craw-fish (we are going to be eating that tonight, so more about that tomorrow.) Here Peens is being offered one.

I will rather not say anything about our Motel, it is just like what you see in the movies, cheap and nasty !!!!








  1. Hope you guys all doing well…..please wish the mayor of Ponta well on his birthday 🎉 . Here it SA it is a holiday in honour of the Mayor – hope the Americans realize who they have in their country and do the same ….. Enjoy

  2. this looks great ! well done , its good to see that there are educational tours in between the biking ! (and that Hyper was definitely on steroids). Go safely, I am waiting for the next installment

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