Day 248 Sunday the 21st of July Whitehorse to Tok 661km

Last night we rode to the River Front to go and look at an old steamboat that used to move Ore and mining equipment between Carcross & Atlin during the Klondike Goldrush (1936.) The steam-boat is also called the Klondike and had a very flat-keel and was propelled, not by a propeller but by a Water Wheel as this boat had to go down rapids and shallow areas, so it could not sail with its keel to deep in the river. There was also a Brage that was loaded with dangerous items like dynamite and fuel that was pushed ahead of the steam-boat and “steered around the sharp river-bends by releasing and tightening the cables that connected the barge to the boat on each side.

Then we rode through town looking for 2 stickers (Tex and Dog started buying stickers when we left Texas and at every pub or town or tourist-hotspot with a sticker we have to stop for them to buy a sticker for their bikes, (I will post some photos of their bikes later in this Blog.) The town is a very nice town with a lot of character, but even though it was a Saturday evening, we did not have to put on our dancing shoes, well, we probably could have if we were younger, but we had to go to bed early as Sunday was going to be another long day, so up at 5h00 and Kickstands-Up at 6h00, so we went to bed early.

This morning we admired the two new Adventure bikes that were parked in the parking lot, these are two newly released bikes, the BMW 1250 GS Adventure and the KTM 790 Adventure, which really is very nice.

We left on time this morning and very soon had to stop to put on the rain-gear, it started raining very hard and the group got seperated from each other, then it becamemisty and we rode for a long time in a heavy fog, I could see Milsy in front of me and let him do all the hardwork and consentrating and I just followed his tail-lights, until he pulled over, there was a big Black Bear right next to the road, it started running away from us and up the gravel embankment, turning around to stare at us every 10m, needless to say, I did not switch-off my bike as I was ready to race-off as soon as the bear turned around and started coming down the embankment towards us.

Because of the rain, I took very little photos. We stopped for breakfast at a small fuel-station and Restaurant, they advertise their place as “Gas, Grub and Gifts.” We stopped again later for Gas and hot chocolate at another little RV\Campsite “Restaurant” and fuel station. The rain continued.

We continued on the Alaskan Highway, but the scenary started changing, the forests were not so dense and the trees were much smaller. We also passed kilometers of burnt forests. Fires are a very big danger here and the public is made aware of this one several signs encouraging the public to phone when they see a fire.

Here is a photo I sneaked in the rain, see how much smaller the trees are.

We saw Elk and Moose next to the road today, but there are much less animals next to the road today.

We got to the border and crossing it was very fast. There is only one Passport Control Point, for the country you are entering, there is no place to stamp your Passport for the country you leave.

International Border

I stopped at an Inuit Cemetary, (it is Politically incorrect to call the local people Eskimos and it might even be an insult, so I will call them Inuit people.) They put flowers on the graves every summer.

Note the Moose Antlers used for these Tomb-Stone below, there were several of them like this:

Above ar the 29 states we have traveld through

Alaska is in the USA and is a State of the USA. So Tex will now have to buy the flag\emblime of Alaska and stick it on his tank with all his other stickers.

In adition to the 30 States of the USA Dos Bike has traveled through, Tex rode it through 27 Countries before it was shipped back to the USA on the 1st 12 Legs of our World Tour, so the bike he now rides has even more sticker than Tex, hope there is space left on the bike when it enters Mexico next year.

Tonight we are sleeping in Tok, tomorrow we have a short ride to Fairbanks.

From Tok’s Sign Board I see that the Alaskan Highway was built in 1942. Today we had not other towns between the town we left from this morning and the town we are sleeping in tonight, we are getting very remote now, there is very little traffic on the road, today I saw the 1st other vehicle on the road 130km into the ride, (yesterday was 117km into the ride.)

Today there were only three other roads joining our road, one of them was at Snag Junction, (where you turn-off to go to Snag.) Snag is famous for the place where the lowest temperature has ever been measured (on North American Continent.) The temperature was Minus 65 Degrees Celcius, yes, not Farrenheight but Celsius.


  1. Dankie Johan —dis heerlik om so saam met julle te toer so tussen die bere en reen en stickers en wedervaringe
    Julle wragtag ysters om dit so te waag. Min mense het die guts daarvoor.
    Ry veilig asb. Ek wil nie my korrespondent daarin beerland verloor niie.
    Ons is in Holland – Breukeling en vreet net kaas.

  2. Hi Johan,

    I am enjoying reading your daily blog. It is very entertaining and cannot wait to see how the camping goes in Alaska.

    Cheers, Bruce

  3. Yes degF vs degC is a strange correlation :

    -40degC = -40degF
    -65degC = -85degF
    0degC = 32degF

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