Sunday the 28th July Day 255 Chena Hot Springs to Denali National Park 301km

Yesterday the two “Bikers For Luv” Couples and their dog went to drop-off some presents in Santas’s back-yard and then went to meet the old man:

Here are some photos I have not posted yet but of which I have written in the Blog:

The 2 “Bikers For Luv” Couples (plus their Dog) at the Bar in the Ice Museum, (there were 4 Hotel Rooms at the back of this Ice Bar available to Book at only $600-00 per night, (R9000-00) and the linen you get is Caribu Skins, but they decided against booking the rooms.

Sitting here scratching the 40 Mozzi Bites per leg, I remember how pleased I was at the Car-wash yesterday when I sprayed-off Hundreds of red-dots off my screen, each little red-dot resembeling a Mozzi that I killed, LEKKER !!!!

We had Dinner last night in the restaurant at Chena Springs.

After Dinner, with the sun still shining at 22h30, I went to the Hot-Spring for my 2nd swim of the day. Because the temperature had dropped (it was raining) there was a lot of mist hanging over the Hot-Lake and it was more like a scene of “Gorillas In The Mist” especially when you look at the swimming costumes the people were wearing. In their defence, swimming is not big in the life of an Alaskan, as their season is short and there are no warm water seas even close to them. But it was not the strange clothing that cut my swim short, it was because everybody looked at me and felt sorry for me as I could not afford any Tattoos, I was the odd-one-out, they all had plenty of ink on their bodies, and I really mean PLENTY, so I decidede to cut my swim short also went to bed.

Note to Myself : Get at least one small Tatoo !!! Fit In !!!!

We left late again, only at 8h00 and the entire way we were looking for a place to stop for Breakfast, but all the little spots on the way to Fairbanks were closed. We did not want to stop in Fairbanks and thought we would get a place on route. WRONG!!! I forgot how isolated one is and that there are no cross-roads between towns, not even onthe road linking the only two big towns, with the biggest National Park in the middle. We eventually found a small little town and turned into it off the main road, what a luck. We stumbled onto this little restaurant, a small brewery, which served breakfast, and accross the road there was the Preacher welcoming all 6 car’s worth of his congregation. Die Kerk en die Bar is Langs mekaar.

After a great Breakfast we decided to ride through the little village, to go and look at the river’s edge at the tripod they use for the local Gambling equipment, on the way we passed little gardens in their front gardens:

We also passed many Inuit People waiting outside the Liqour Store for it to open. Then we got to the rivers edge where we found the communities Gaming equipment:

This tri-pod is fastened onto the ice in the river once it is frozen and attached with a rope with flags onto this Viewing platform, and then the community all place a bet on exactly on which day, and at what time, the ice in the river will melt enough for the ice to get washed down-river. Mrs Jenson won this year, as her time was the closest to 11h35 April 14th when the ice moved downriver.

Rocy then spotted a Farmers Market and called us back:

The dogs have to stay fit in Summer, they race 120 Miles in the winter when they enter a race.

The scenary became better along the way, the little trees (little as they grow in permafrost,) gave way to big trees, and then we got to some hills and then to some mountains and then rivers.

Then we got to Denali National Park. Its claim to fame is that it is a very big park around the highest mountain in North America, now called Denali, but until recently it was called Mount McKinley, named after the explorer that “discovered” it. I think it was Mr. Obama that decided that it was rather the local Inuit People that discovered it 1st. so the name was changed to the local name for the mountain.

Denali is one of the famous “7 Summits” which refers to the 7 highest mountains in the world you have to climb to become recognised as a proper 201st Century Mountain Climber. Unlike Everest which is thre highest at almost 9000m, this mountain is around 8000m.

There are many animals in the park all around the mountain, and one can only get close to the mountain when you take a bus-tour, no private vehicles may drive deep into the park, because we are complete idiots and have to be driven their in a bus by Pappagaai’s uncle.

But today the mountain was covered in clouds, and the shortest bus-ride into the park (just to see Bears, Moose, Caribu etc. again) was a 6,5 hour bus ride. So, we decided to Go-Big, we negotiated, (just like South Africans can) to go for a Flip over the many Glaciers and around Mountain Denali.

Here are some photos I took today from the King Air Plane.


My Zoom is really Long

Milsy ogt to sit up-front.

The darker line in this glacier shows that the left-hand-side scrapped into the mountain more
The Glacier-Ice starts to melt, forming these blue pools of water on the glacier-ice.
Denali Moutain actually has 2 peaks, the highest is on the left, with the Glacier in the middle. which is the path the mountaneers climbing it each year use to summit. But from the Eastern side it was covered in clouds, so we flew around to the other side
Better view
Two Glaziers coming together

This is a tourist trap, with a board-walk selling Kakkies, (shitty-things tourist buys: fridge magnets, branded hats, shirts, anything you can think of branded with a photo of the mountain or name etc.) for Tourists. And between these shops on the boardwalk are coffee shops, Galleries for buying “Art” jewellery shops and shops selling you an adventure (white-water-rafting, cycle-tours, Zip-Line-tours, Kayak-tours, etc. etc.)

The Boradwalk :

You can even support the Trappers-up-North by buying a Jakkals-Jas
(And you should buy now as up-North there is very little animals left, the trappers and hunters has decimated everything, except the Mozzies, which is going to be all that will be left to hunt is a few years from now.)

Tomorrow we continue heading South towards the Anchorage area, where we hope to meet-up with Peens to taste a Salmon he has hopefully have caught.


  1. Lina Fleischer

    29th July 2019 at 7:44 am

    Daardie jakkals pels lyk vir my net reg vir jou volgende trip.

    Dankie vir al die stories en uitstekende fotos
    Liefde van Ma en Pa

  2. This Geography, History, Science and many other lessons are amazing. Thank you. I appreciate your efforts. God bless. Sally Perks

  3. Thanks Johan for the updates. It must be a big effort but it is wonderful for us to follow and a fantastic record for all of you. Your trip looks amazing. Awesome shots from the air. Ride safely chaps.

  4. Seeing glaciers is awesome – many are shrinking away

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