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Day 180 Champon Beach Restort to Phuket 499,3km

This morning we had breakfast next to the ocean and then Peens started showing-off his new GPS, it can do more than just offer you the Fastest Route or Shortest Route, but can also offer you the Route with the most bends, or Twisties as we like to call it, (or offer you the most scenic route.) And ohh Boy, did that GPS deliver.… Read More

Day 181 Rest-day Phuket 12km (by dive-boat)

This morning the dive operator collected Peens and I at 7h30 from our hotel and took us to the Pier from where all the dive boats left for the diving on the Southern and Eastern part of the Island. Wereetied by at least 30 boats like this.


I should have smelt a rat when groups of 2 and 3 were allocated their own dive-master, KI should have read between the lines when I were told ” the vizability can alter between 2m and 25m from one hour to the next, but instead I listened to Mark, our DM (dive master) from OZ.… Read More

Day 182 Phuket to Satun 505km

Where is Satun you might ask? It is opposite the Island of Langkawi, on the main land, but still in Thailand, we cross over into Malaysia tomorrow morning. We will be sad to leave Thailand, its people are such gentle and friendly people, many smiles, very humble people, they are also sensible drivers on the road and very entrepreneurial, hard working and lovable people.… Read More

Day 183 Monday the 23rd Satun to George-town (and a border crossing) 251 km

Last night we went out and walked around at the little towns market, saw some interesting fruit. We were a little worried to eat there (as we are already nursing some of the groups stomach problems which I will not go into,) and it looked a little dodgy, this is a very small town and only has one little hotel, so not your tourist mecca.… Read More

Day 184 Tue 24th Georgetown to Klang (Port-town of Kuala Lumpu) 404km

Last night we went out to dinner, feeling sorry for ourselves as the day was not a good one, not only did we lose 4 frustrating hours at the border, we also discovered when we arrived a the bank to change money that we lost another hour due to the time difference between Thailand and Malaysia, so the bank had just closed and we were too late.… Read More

Day 185 Klang to Malacca 193km

last ride Malaysia 010

Today was so hot even I took of the riding gear and rode in shorts and sandals. Here Pie is trying to dry his cloths which got wet when his bike was washed yesterday, so every time we stopped today he had to open his panniers and spread all his clothes out in the sun all over his bike to dry.… Read More

Day 186 Malaka to Kuala Lumpur (via shipper in Klang) 222km

Last night we went to the local Portuguese Compound as they call it where the local Portuguese stay to sample the seafood on offer. We had some of the best fish, calamari, clams, spicy rice and the best crabs I have ever tasted.

Last day 012

Last day 007

Today we jumped onto the Toll road and headed to the Shipper. At the beginning things went wrong.… Read More

Day 187 From Down-Town KL to Customs Yard 65km

“We did’t know we were making memories, all we knew was that we were having Fun !!! ”

That is what has been running though my head all day. How super blessed, lucky and fortunate I am to have been able to complete part of my Dream-Trip. The continents that await will no doubt have a few curve-balls and surprises, pleasant and un-pleasant, but I think we have by now figured-out the “Recipe” to make it work.… Read More

In Closing

As some of the people I know reading this Blog only looks at the pictures, I have decided to start this last Blog (until the next continent) with my closing paragraph in this blog, that way I might get you to read some of the “deep stuff” and maybe this will put you in touch with your feminine-side and touch an emotional part of you that you never knew you had :

This has been a journey of discovery, not just the discovery of different cultures, people, places and countries, more than anything, it has been a journey of self-discovery, plus the discovery of the human spirit in the people we met, and for me, also a learning-curve as I was constantly exposed to a different way of thinking, a different way to approach and overcome problems.… Read More

Leg 10: Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

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