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Day 196 Saturday 29th April 2017 Pensacola to Perry 478km

The photo I promised you yesterday, Rocky being driven around to the restaurant for his Birthday.

This morning we left late as there was a mix-up with our hotel bill, paid for multiple times and it was also debited off Tex’s account.

The beautiful coastline continued, white powder sand and deep blue water. No wonder Florida is the “Sun Shine Coast” of the USA and it is also the place where the Americans come for their Beach Holidays.… Read More

Day 197 Sunday 30th of April Perry to Everglades City 711km

Yesterday I ended-off the Posting with a question, “how low can we go ? ” and it seems the answer is “much, much lower.” We always joke and call this bike trip the Oros Trip, (named after the cheap orange kiddies cool-drink cordial we have back in RSA, (Republic of South Africa) and it is actually a joke we share with Pie, he used to call his children and their friends into the kitchen before they went out to dinner at a restaurant and give them a very weak-mix of Oros, once they had finished the drink he poured them another, and then another, and when they said that they could not drink anymore cool-drink he would say “good, so only one Coke for you tonight at the restaurant and no expensive Milk-shake or Smoothy.”… Read More

Day 198 Monday 1st of May Everglades City to Key West 407km

I am a big believer that things happen for a reason, sometimes a door opens for us and other times a door is closed, I believe there is a Higher Hand that is in charge of these doors, today a door closed, (pity it closed after we loaded the bikes onto the boat and not before we loaded them.) The Cuban part of this trip is off, “it aint happening no more” as they say here. … Read More

Day 199 Tuesday 2nd of May Rest-day in Key West.

Peens left Key West this morning at 2h00 and rode to Miami where he said it took 2 minutes for a Cuban visa (Tourist Ticket as they call it here) to be issued (that is about how long it took them to take the $100-00 Visa  Fee) and he then flew to Cuba where he will meet-up with Estie, (I hope she is not expecting him to cycle around the island with her.… Read More

Day 200 Wednesday 3rd Key West to Stuart 524km

It was a 7 hour and 1 minute day in the saddle today, although we did 524km for the day, our average moving speed for the day was only 75km per hours, and that means we had a lot of traffic, in riding gear, in 34 degree heat, not easy, specially when Peens sends me photos from Cuba  “of his new bike” (will get the full story when he re-joins the group on Friday.)… Read More

Day 201 Stuart to Orlando 325km

Pie left early this morning in search of another old car he wanted to see. So once again, with Peens still in Cuba, and Dog at his father, the remaining 4 bikes set off on the A1A Scenic Florida Highway Indian River Lagoon. There is a slither of land running along the coastline, and parallel with it. So we took the bridge across from Stuart and stayed on this road going North for almost the whole day, meandering along with the sea on our right and the Indian Lagoon on our left.… Read More

Day 201 Orlando to Saint George 725km

Correction : The Car Pie bought in Stuart was not a 1929 but a “1931 Studebaker President Touring Car” and  he decided it will stay in Texas at the Museum. Pie went to look at another car yesterday but did not buy it, tomorrow he is splitting from us again to go and look at a car in York (North Carolina)

We had a long ride today, 725km is the most we have ridden in a day since maybe in Russia.… Read More

Day 202 Saturday 6th of May Saint George to Cary 440km

I am sitting in the kitchen of my cousin and her husband in the town named Cary writing this blog. Just-now the rest of the group will arrive here from the hotel where they are staying tonight as I am staying in 5 Star luxury with my cousin. We are off to the local brewery and then out to dinner. Tomorrow Rassie is taking us on a breakfast run, he is also a type of collector of bikes.… Read More

Day 203 Sunday 7th May Cary to Blowing Rock 427km

Tonight we are in the town of Blowing Rock, rumour has it an Indian Chief told his daughter he would not allow her to “marry” the love of her life, so she walked to the top of this mountain and stood on the rock that hangs-out over the valley and jumped down to kill herself, but the wind blew her back to the top of the rock, therefore the name Blowing Rock.… Read More

Day 204 Monday the 5th of May Blowing Rock to Chattanooga 601km

Last night we had dinner in the local pub, Speckled Trout or Something Trout, the town of Blowing Rock is just like  Dull Stroom, but high in the mountains. It was freezing and there is a Alpine fell to all the houses and I almost felt like I could have been at a Ski Town in the Alps. This was by far the most scenic day of the trip and probably one of the top 10 scenic rides in the 12 Legs we have done as it lasted the majority of the day.… Read More

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