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Day 249 Monday the 22nd of July Tok to Fairbanks 361km

We spent yesterday afternoon reading maps and doing some planning, booking some accommodation and we re-packed the bikes.

We decided to buy a few fuel containers as we are not sure we will make it up to Dead Horse (Prudhoe Bay, our turning around point on the most Northern tip of the North American Continent that you can ride to.) The distance is 390km from Wiseman (where we booked accommodation from Clutch????)… Read More

Day 250 Fairbanks to Wiseman Tuesday 23rd July 477km

Yesterday afternoon while I was doing the Blog, the team went in search for tubes, tyre-levers and a few things we might need should we have a break-down or flat tyre along the way. We have heard some horrific stories of the Dalton High-Way, it is on every American Adventure Rider’s Bucket-List, and I suppose, it is similar to us in South Africa, who’s right of passage is to ride up Sani Pass and through Lesotho.… Read More

Day 251 Wiseman to Dead Horse Wednesday 24th July 394km

Yesterday I typed the Blog but could not get connected to the Internet although there was limited Wi-Fi, so I suspect my Laptop is not handling all the shaking too well as there is something wrong with its “Configuration” even though I have not touched anything. But after struggling for 1 hour this afternoon I managed to fix it, for now.… Read More

Day 252 Dead Horse to Wiseman Thursday the 25th July 409km

Yesterday after catching up with the Blog, I went for a ride around Dead Horse:

Venter Trailers, these will all be rented out in the winter, they are Heaters for heating anything from cars to roads in the winter
Note the size of these Winches
Note the Electric Plug-in cables hanging down for all the parked cars, in winter you have to plug your car in when parked to prevent the oil from freezing
Note yellow plug in bumper of the truck

The food is very good at our hotel, everything was free, last night we had Salmon and Chicken Kiev for dinner, there was a Salad Buffet, selection of cakes, Cooldrink Machine, Juice Machine, and a Soft Serve Icecream Machine with a selection of things to sprinkle on top.… Read More

Friday 26th July Day 253 Wiseman to Fairbanks 462km

We are scratching our legs and arms like crazy, the Mosquitos laid into us last night and the whole day today I just wanted to rip-off the my riding-gear and scratch. But my focus soon changed when it started raining. I said in the blog after the 1st day of riding the Dalton Highway that it would have been a very different story if it had rained, and today it was different and a nightmare as it rained the entire day.… Read More

Saturday the 27th of July Day 254 Fairbanks to Chena Hot Springs 115km

Today is seen as a Rest-Day as we only rode 115km today. We slept late and only ate “Breakfast” at 8h00. Breakfast at a “Super” 8 is not Super, and one can’t expect much, you get what you pay for. It should rather be called “Morning Selection of Starch with Coffee and Juice” as one get starch in many forms, with weak coffee and Juice, not an egg in sight and the pigs also did not have to get involved with this Breakfast as no bacon was used in the preparation of this breakfast.… Read More

Sunday the 28th July Day 255 Chena Hot Springs to Denali National Park 301km

Yesterday the two “Bikers For Luv” Couples and their dog went to drop-off some presents in Santas’s back-yard and then went to meet the old man:

Here are some photos I have not posted yet but of which I have written in the Blog:

The 2 “Bikers For Luv” Couples (plus their Dog) at the Bar in the Ice Museum, (there were 4 Hotel Rooms at the back of this Ice Bar available to Book at only $600-00 per night, (R9000-00) and the linen you get is Caribu Skins, but they decided against booking the rooms.
Read More

Monday 29th July Day 256 Denali National Park to Whittier 508km

Lats night we went for Pizza, the Barman was very rude, then the Server was rude, then we looked back and the 3 U.S.A. Citizens amongst us commented on how different the Alaskan people are to the rest of the USA, the young guy from Power Sport in Fairbanks was the worts when we asked him about the chain and sprocket we needed, so was the guy in Whitehorse when we needed to fit Pies’s tyre onto the rim, we have now just accepted that the Alaskans, in general, are rude people and act aggressively towards tourists and people not from Alaska, but that are only the people outside the Arctic Circle, the ones inside the circle are the salt of the earth people.… Read More

Tuesday 30th Day 257 Whittier to Cooper Landing 224km via Sterling

Last night we had a Braai with the fish Peens had cought, he hired a house for us opposite the Hotel in which the “Bikers For Love” stayed.

This morning we left and we arrived at the train-tunnel, I got off and walked to the tunnel, there was no cars cominh out, only a Red-Light telling us to wait. The next moment a Pappegaai came racing out of the tunnel and told me that they saw me on the video from the other side that I walked up to the tunnel, and that the police was going to give me a ticket when we get to the other side as there was a sign saying no one could pass a certain point.… Read More

Wednesday 31st July Cooper Landing to Tok 726km Day 258

 This Blog will have to be short as the wi-fi at the cabins we are staying in has no proper wi-fi. Using the words “we are staying in” is probably also wrong as the only guy at the cabins is me, the other three, Milsy, Peens and poor new-guy-Rodger, are still 200km away, stuck next to the road, with a big puncture in the front wheels side-wall.… Read More

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