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Thursday 21 May 423km to Uchaly via Beloretsk


Today the plan was to leave at 8h00 and stop outside town and have something to eat and some coffee there as our “hotel” of last night, (and tonight’s hotel as well) are very cheap (R150-00 per person,) see photos,  did not serve breakfast. But last night we found a “car wash man” guy with a highpressure hose, and had the mud washed off the bikes,so this morning the bikes received some attention from Pie and Tex who waxed the chains after adjusting them, then all the fluids were checked and the oil topped-up and tyre pressure adjusted for the 50-shades-of-gray roads we are traveling (the tar has been patche-up over many many years so it looks like a quilt of gray squares.… Read More

Monday 25th to Novosibirsk 671km

This morning we decided to dip our riding boots into the M51, Trans Siberian “Highway” and I was very surprised to find it a very good surfaced, single lane tar road, smooth and without pot-holes and not like the 50-shades-of-gray road we tried before. The traffic was also much less due to the fact that we are much further East than before, we also crossed another time-zone and are now 4 hours ahead of RSA.… Read More

Photos of the Day

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24 May to Omsk 460km Total Kilometers 30 000

How do I even begin to describe todays adventure? This morning we all rode the 1st 20km together (and the total kilometers traveled on this trip since we left London clicked over the
30 000km mark) to the begining of our planned “road” which turned out to be a farmers mud-track. My arm was still sore from yesterday so I decided to find another less muddy road.… Read More

Photos of The American Bikes Day

Sergey took them on an adventure and they got the Toyota stuck.


Note the “rescue vehicle” it is called a Patriot Yaz, there are thousands still on the road and you see them everywhere. They were built in the 60’s and today there are newer models on sale.

I forgot to tell you about the vehicle and trailer we got on the road today, the wife was found at the trailer, we stopped and asked if we could help her but she indicated we could not.… Read More

23 May to Ishim 409km

Last night Serey (now I am spelling it correctly,) found us the correct globe from local motorspare shop, (yes KTM uses a standard globe,) and it was fitted with the help of Rocky reading the manual while Pie and Tex followed his instructions.image

We went for a long walk looking at the town, our hotel is what Sergey calls Soviet Hotel, (big building with huge facade and grand staircase and a coat-check-in for over a 100 coats,) but it has seen better days and you can only see how grand it must have been 50 years ago.… Read More

Friday 22 May to Kurgan 511km

Last night we slept 15km out of town at a Holiday Camp at a lake, as we could not find accommodation in the town. Once again we had to drive through a little village to get to the accommodation, see photo of lake and village.


There might have been three families there with small kids, but in Russia a holiday is a luxury and very few people ever have a chance to go on a proper holiday and travel.… Read More

Photos I missed Twice !

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More Photos

I am not having fun with this I-pad and finding it very frustrating to use, will in future pack the lap-top.

Here are two photos that I missed by finger-fault, (sorry guys, computers and I am not good friends.)… Read More

Tuesday 26th to Achinsk via Tomsk 669km

Today I woke up and looked out our hotel window which was accross the station, it was going to be a wet day, a day to zip-in all the layers inside your riding jacket and start the day with your rain-suit already on. A good day for listening to music, I chose all the music I own featuring Roger Water, and it turned out to be perfect music for a wet day.… Read More

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