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Day 160 Leg 9 – Mon. 24th of August 277km Guang Yuan to Chengdu

We are slowly starting to “get China” and learning everyday, evolving, getting better, getting better at filling-up with fuel, better with our GPS’s (that we now hear are off with the 4 seconds (Degrees, minutes and seconds as measurements with regards to positioning yourself on earth,) on purpose so that the location can not be used for terror attacks, we just have to now find out if it is the owners of the satellites (we suspect they are the USA) or the Communist Chinese Government to blame for all our navigational issues,) we are getting better with communicating with the local people (and the police today) thanks to Tex, (the Bakkie is always behind us so Tony can only help us at night.)… Read More

Day 161 Leg 9 – Tue. 25th of August 485km Chengdu to Xi Chang

We have addressed the Navigation fiasco (the cause for the frustration) from all levels. Last nights after communication with our-man at Garmin, Jaco, he asked us to send him the GPS Co-ordinates taken at an intersection, he can then determine how far the they are off, they might be able to do a calibration and mail us an up-date for the software??… Read More

Day 162 Leg 9 – Wed. 26th of August 255km Xi Chang to Panzhi Hua

Last night it was off to a Bar-BQ street “restaurant” after a stop at a wine shop selling only Chinese good wines and cheap copies of the good wine. We decided to drink the copy wine first and save the good wine for after dinner, but then the good wine under the table were knocked over and we just had the copy wines. … Read More

Day 163 Leg 9 – Thur. 27th of August 385km Panzhi Hua to Jinning

When we visited China about 10 years ago we were taken out to dinner every night and the dishes became less recognizable every night,  but one night I noticed we were eating Liver, (turned out to be Pork Liver) and baby cows oxtail (turned out to be snake and Eal.) I then asked our guide why we are now on organs and reptiles and he proudly said he had shown us almost everything they have to eat, the thought that was the plan, something different every night.… Read More

Day 164 Leg 9 – Fri. 28th of August 401km Jinning to Pu Er City

Today’s Blog is an Outside Broadcast !!! Looking back at the day it was almost an Inside-Jail-Broadcast. I am sitting on a street bench in the main road of the town we are sleeping in today, next to me on the bench are two Chinese Teenagers playing Donkey Kong on their new I-Phone (copies probably) and I am looking over the maintenance and running repairs happening to the Land Cruiser (getting an oil change and some other thinks) and to my dear Snowflake which has clocked over 50 000km, she is older than all the other bikes by about 15000km and what ever happens to her is due to follow soon, so I am using the spare parts from the parts we brought and then I re-stock when we return.… Read More

Day 165 Leg 9 – Sat 29th of August 263km Pu Er City to Me Lang

After the session we had the night before at the dinner table the air got cleared and all on the same page again, for now. Greg took this photo just before our Explosive Dinner, note that Peens is hot in all the sense of the word, plus eating piping-hot Chilly, no wonder the mood was tangible before we got half-way through dinner.… Read More

Day 166 Leg 9 – Sun 30th of August 173km Me Lang to Mang Xai (+ One Border Crossing)

Last night we got soaked during dinner, a torrential rainstorm erupted, blowing away our little Gazebo of the restaurant we were sitting under, in fact, if it was not for the restaurants signs and Light-Boxes attached to the gazebo we might have lost Tex who hung on for dear life while the rest of us took the Lazy-Susan and ran. I took only the water and the wine, the food, once again was not worth saving, the dishes that we ordered the last 7 nights have all been pure Chilly infused with Battery Acid, sprinkled with every type of Green Pepper and red peppers, before the third carefully-balanced-rice-on-a-stick reaches my mouth the sweat already runs down my face.… Read More

Day 167 Leg 9 – Mon 31st of August 15km Mang Xai Looking for Storage

Here are more photos of yesterdays road, below is me holding up the best find of this entire trip, they sell a tin of Express Coffee chilled and slightly creamy and slightly sweet, why is this product not available all over the world?

foto 2

Frogs were also on the menu, all shapes, colours and sizes.

Foto 3

The rain was so intense that eventually these two gave-up the safety of their protective gear and rain suites.… Read More

Leg 9 – Tue. 1st of Sept. No More Riding – Start Flying Back

You can see from the title above I stopped counting the days as we are not riding  anymore and today is a travel-day as we start traveling home.

Yesterday we Locked away the Bakkie (but kept the bikes to ride around town and to go to dinner with last night, there is something exhilarating about riding around without your helmet in this Jungle Village together with packs of scooters.)… Read More

Leg 9: July 2015 – Mongolia, China, Laos

 … Read More

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