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What Are We Up-to ?

The 5 of us are back at work and life carries on. Actually, I feel a little depressed as I have actually just been working, (all work and no play makes Johan a dull boy,) but I did make time to plan a few trips (to Hermanus next week, then to Eastern Cape with the In-Laws and then a dive trip to Sodwana in August.)… Read More

Blog Up-Grade

“Construction has Begun” to the Blog and it is currently getting a new look and will be made more user friendly. I will also be adding some information on the next two Legs, (one in Africa and one in the USA) and as soon as the up-grade is complete, I will let you know to go and have a look.… Read More

Day 166 Leg 9 – Sun 30th of August 173km Me Lang to Mang Xai (+ One Border Crossing)

Last night we got soaked during dinner, a torrential rainstorm erupted, blowing away our little Gazebo of the restaurant we were sitting under, in fact, if it was not for the restaurants signs and Light-Boxes attached to the gazebo we might have lost Tex who hung on for dear life while the rest of us took the Lazy-Susan and ran. I took only the water and the wine, the food, once again was not worth saving, the dishes that we ordered the last 7 nights have all been pure Chilly infused with Battery Acid, sprinkled with every type of Green Pepper and red peppers, before the third carefully-balanced-rice-on-a-stick reaches my mouth the sweat already runs down my face.… Read More

Day 167 Leg 9 – Mon 31st of August 15km Mang Xai Looking for Storage

Here are more photos of yesterdays road, below is me holding up the best find of this entire trip, they sell a tin of Express Coffee chilled and slightly creamy and slightly sweet, why is this product not available all over the world?

foto 2

Frogs were also on the menu, all shapes, colours and sizes.

Foto 3

The rain was so intense that eventually these two gave-up the safety of their protective gear and rain suites.… Read More

Leg 9 – Tue. 1st of Sept. No More Riding – Start Flying Back

You can see from the title above I stopped counting the days as we are not riding  anymore and today is a travel-day as we start traveling home.

Yesterday we Locked away the Bakkie (but kept the bikes to ride around town and to go to dinner with last night, there is something exhilarating about riding around without your helmet in this Jungle Village together with packs of scooters.)… Read More

Posts from Leg 1-8 under maintenance.

Hello my good friends and family.

We are currently reviewing the design and structure of the formatting of previously completed legs.

Stay tuned for a new look 🙂… Read More

Packing & Latest Gadget & a Promise

image image imageIt is two days before we leave and it is hectic at work, but I think I now have everything so I am going to start packing, it is just that I doubt all of it would fit. I have to take my replacement Tank Bag and Rain Suite that were stolen on the last Leg in Russia, I was warned about the crime but decided not to take Snowflake, (my KTM as she is white in colour) to the towns secure parking, ( every town has a central secure area where you pay R60-00 per bike per night to park under lights with a guard tower and dogs patrolling with armed guards.)… Read More

Dinner in Samara

as you can see I am having a few problems with doing the posts on my I-Pad, used to the computer and now everything is different, so please be patient, will get the hang of it soon.

last night Dmitry and us with Sergei went for dinner and last night was the World Ice Hockey finals between Canada and Russia, so it was a big night for them even though they lost, but a very interesting learning experience for us.… Read More

Arrive in Samara

22 hours after starting this leg we arrived back in Russia and went to the farm where we stored the bikes.imageBut as usual one vehicle would not start and I got the chance to test the new gaddget and we jump started the Toyota.… Read More

Leg 8 : Monday 18th Admin Day

Things has not gone our way so far, yesterday it took us 2 hours to get past Passport Control at Samara Airport. They dont get tourist here and 5 guys arriving  who claim to be tourists was not acceptable, language was major issue and both Sergie and Dimitry were not there to help. After the KGB looking guy gathered all the info and phoned Sergei and checked our story out things slowly started to change, then I started handing out little bead-work Owels and the lady got a necklace and then we were through.… Read More

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