Trip Down Memory Lane

I am getting more emotional as I get older, not only can a KFC Chicken advert make me tearful,  now as I realised that our little trip attempting to “Tour The World” has been going for 10 Years I feel overwhelmed, “Blessed out of my socks” also comes to mind, and LUCKY as not many people have friends like I have that will say “ok, the Arab Spring has closed off our route through Africa, so lets just go around the world.” Its not just about the journey, or the travel or the adventure, it has a lot to do with very special friends. Between the 7 of us (we were only 5 guys for Europe and Asia) we have traveled just under Half a Million Kilometers combined, (total so far for the 5 original starters is 83500km,) and we are all still going, no major falls, no fist fights between us and the friendships are still standing (although it almost ended in China, but you cant exactly just ride off into the sunset, we are sort of joined at the hip.

A decade ago we met in London just before Easter Weekend and collected our bikes from the container and started this 10 year Adventure of a Life time. Two of the groups’ sons joined us and sat on the back of their fathers bikes through Europe and ending Leg 1 in Bucharest, Romania with us. We were early in Spring and had lots of rain, and going over the mountains from France to Spain even snow. But the boys had a ball. Little Danny Boy was still too young to have a Drivers License but he rode his dads bike, Daddy moved to the back seat for most of that trip. Today Danny Boy has a Drivers License and even has a license to “Count Beans” any where in the world. So it is great that now, 10 years later Danny Boy will drive down from Canada in his own car to join us on this 10 Year Celebration. Looking for a photo (this photo below) I found so many other photos that just added to my emotional\thankful state of mind:

I discovered so many photos, each reminding me of something, somewhere, some emotion. There are too many to choose from, but some jerked my memory that it was not just fun and games, bikes broke and weather turned nasty, very often:

Lots of problems with police and a 5 hour border crossing into Ukraine at Odessa.

And the mud in Russia was relentless, resulting into a burnt-out clutch on Pie’s bike, yes we learnt that a few KTM’s cant pull a Land Cruiser out of the mud.

Bikers in most countries went out of their way to include us un their Parades or Breakfast Runs, like this Parade in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia:

Last photo of me in the Gobi Desert before my “tumble” which resulted into a little visit to the hospital in China.

Even Brutus needed new oil and filters plus tyres along the way.

Lost in Turkey for most of the day

We were able to visit most of each countries Tourist Attractions, and got into the countries culture, experienced their food and drinks

But fun was had along the road, who would have known that this photo taken in the Ukraine would bring back so much memories, and today, because of the war there, sadness for the friends we made there.

Some things were unexpected, like this Giant Crab in Thailand

Sometimes things happened next to the road, like most things in rural area is along the road, and we were instant celebrities wining prizes  and getting hugs from strange women.

Filling with Fuel in Laos was not always easy

My beloved Snowflake in Thailand

The worst days were the cold and wet days, but there were always a little stop next to the road for a coffee or some local dish and a Long-Drop Toilet

Who would have thought that the “miss-hap” caused by our friend Dollar driving the Back-Up Vehicle (he rolled it through a field when a very attractive goat crossed over the road after a night drinking Vodka with an old toothless Ukrainian woman,) would send us on a different route up to Norway while Brutus gets repaired in Kiev instead of crossing into Russia

Eating food off the side of the road is not for the faint hearted in China and Laos, here Peens is looking at Little Eels for sale in plastic bags, in the buckets were Cockroaches and frogs

The photo above on the right was taken of Pie when we rode “The Sandbank” that stretches from Crimea up towards Kiev, an epic 100km sand experience I will never forget.

Below is Lunch in China with our Guide which we had to hire to accompany us, at great cost though, but we would not have been able to make it through China without him, the language is just too much of a problem

China was tuff, we were not allowed to ride on the Highways, high above us, and had to fight for 10 hours per day on little winding mountain passes to just make our 400km per day target every day.

But after reaching Singapore our attention shifted to Continent number 3, where we got new bikes thanks to the strict import regulations of the USA, here Panniers and GPS’s are fitted in Tex’s Garage in Texas where our anticlockwise trip around USA, Canada and Alaska started.


And for the 2nd time crossed over the Arctic Circle on the way to the most Northern Tip of North America, Purdue Bay Alaska




OK, let me stop, all these photos and stories have been posted on the Blog before, so let me not bore you.

Last one, this was taken at Norde Kaap, so far the highlight of the 83500km that we have traveled was when we reached the most Northern Tip of each Continent, (Alaska) and like below at the very top of Norway, far into the Arctic Circle

I have started packing and will send one more boring Test Post before I leave on Monday


  1. Jo-Anne Sudbury

    17th April 2022 at 6:16 am

    Have fun guys and safe travels. You are experiencing things that very few people will in a lifetime and the friendships are lifelong – well done. It was an entertaining read and great pics so I look forward to following this trip with you all !!

  2. Hi Sir,,
    I always feel overwhelmed by the things you are telling about your big Trip that your guys Started long ago to me this trip it is something that teaches me that how many things you can achieve or do and how many dreams you can fulfill if you have friends are truly friends,,,
    You guys got Team spirit and you trust each other…that is the key to all this….I would like to give you all around of applause 👋👋👋
    And I wish you all the best in this coming Trip…and as usually please keep us posted

  3. HI Fleisch
    When I read this tribute to your friends and travel mates and the memories it also gave me a lump in my throat. What an amazing life !… a life full of experiences over 10 years – a life full of jam packed incredible experiences shared with your best friends – the bond you built, the places you been, the things you have seen, the smells and tastes, the cultures, the histories, the stories…but most of all the experiences that you can treasure in your heart …and the blessing : that you can share those memories with beloved friends who have shared them with you. It is honestly a blessing …but you have made the choice to make this happen. You guys have made it happen! its an achievement you should be very very proud of and yes you are blessed! May you have another

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