I was so rudely interrupted by the Ground Staff at Buffalo Airport wanting me to board the flight that I was not yet finished getting all the photos onto the Blog. And here I am again at Atlanta Airport with the Aunty beckoning me to Board the flight home, but I will wait for last person to board then stroll into the plane to the empty seats, look at my Boarding Pass just for show and then take the only free seats and hopefully be able to sleep on the 15 hour flight home.

I missed this photo :

Things are going Pear-shaped here at Gate 14, and now my computer is showing me only 7 minutes of power left, so I think I will have to just forget placing the other photos and get onto the plane before I am left behind.

Till July next year, (or beofre if I have a few up-dates on Pies current Studebaker he is about to finish.